Monthly Archives: March 2016

03 Mar

The Personal Development Program (PDP): Making A Difference in Participant’s Lives

Classes Provide Help & Hope Crisis Control Ministry launched the new Personal Development Program (PDP) in August 2015. Classes in the PDP are life-skill focused and include sessions on budgeting, nutrition, goal setting, and expectations. According to Bill Blackburn, Director of Training, “These classes provide more than just information; they are opportunities to offer encouragement Read More
02 Mar

Poverty Simulation – Could You Survive a Month Living in Poverty?

If you had to choose among food, shelter, utilities or medication, what would you pick? Have your religious congregation, leadership, school, or corporate group participate in a poverty simulation. This two-hour dynamic program includes four 15-minute “weeks”  where you assume the role of a member in a low-income family. Though play money is used, participants Read More