Raising Awareness

advocacy_IMG_3027What is your view of those who are impoverished or displaced? Most often we construct a view of those living in poverty from a distance. We naturally group ourselves with those of similar backgrounds and life circumstances, so our perception of people living in or near poverty may not be entirely accurate. We invite you to become an advocate, and seek to truly understand the realities of poverty and the inherent value and worth of the impoverished.

We equip advocates in many ways; one avenue of learning that we offer is a Poverty Simulation. This interactive activity teaches participants through direct experience what it is like to live near the poverty level. It will leave your eyes open and change you as you step into the shoes of someone who struggles to make it through each day.

It is our hope that through Poverty Simulations and many other advocacy efforts, that you will begin to serve in different socio-economic and cultural situations as well as in your immediate environment with a renewed and sustained commitment.

Championing Initiatives

Identifying and championing local, statewide and national initiatives that support the people we serve is an integral part of our advocacy efforts. We are currently focused on income standards and wages, and energy and housing affordability.