CCM’s Food Day at the Fair

Join us on Wednesday, October 9!

On the day of the food drive each year, attendees can get into the Fair for free by donating 5 non-perishable food items! There is no limit to the number of free tickets you can get. Have two people? Bring 10 items. Three people? 15 items. And so on. Suggested items are canned fruit, rice, dried or canned beans, pasta – anything that is shelf stable. Please avoid bringing items in glass jars.

Volunteers and trucks are located at each gate to collect the food and distribute the tickets. All food collected will stock Crisis Control Ministry’s Winston-Salem and Kernersville food pantries.

In 2018, we ended the day with all eight twenty-two foot trucks filled to capacity and a total of 71,312 items weighing 64,627 pounds! We thank the over 330 volunteers who help each year driving the trucks, preparing the pallets to contain the food, distributing tickets and sorting the food, emptying the trucks the next day and to the fair employees who are so wonderfully supportive. This is truly a community-wide effort.

Interested in volunteering? Let us know by filling out the Registration Form below. Be sure to scroll within the form box and hit done to submit your response. Our Director of Community & Volunteer Relations will be in touch.

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