Holiday Honor Gift Cards

Give the Gift of Love and Hope

The 2017 Holiday Honor Card sales helped Crisis Control Ministry raise over $51,000. Each holiday card purchase provided food, medication, or housing and utility assistance to our neighbors in need.

Below is more information on the 2017 card:

For a minimum tax-deductible donation of $5 per card, Crisis Control Ministry will beautifully hand address, stamp with a holiday stamp and mail these high quality cards for you. If you prefer to address and sign the cards yourself, we can mail them to you.

For 30 years, William Mangum has offered his amazing talent to create art specifically for this card and has secured sponsorships for the printing costs, so 100% of the funds raised will support community groups who help the homeless and feed the hungry. We have had the privilege of partnering with Bill in the Holiday Honor Card program for 11 years, raising nearly half a million dollars to help our neighbors here in Forsyth County. You can read what specifically inspired Bill to create this year’s image as well as his reflections on 30 years of this program at Rise Up Story and watch the Rise Up video here. To see a larger image of the Rise Up card, click here.

Local artist and CCM supporter Beth Jones created an alternative card exclusively for Crisis Control Ministry. For more details on the Beth Jones card, click here.

Ordering Options:

  • We can send the cards to you. You can then address, sign and mail them yourself.
  • If you want our volunteers to hand-address, sign and mail your cards, you can:
    • Fill out the online form with up to 10 names and addresses, or
    • If it’s easier or your list is longer than 10, you can email your list to

Both cards have the same message inside, which is:

A gift has been given in your honor to Crisis Control Ministry by

This gift will enable the hungry and homeless in our
 community to share in the bounty of God’s love for all 
people during this season of sharing.





When cards are available for purchase, Card Ordering Links will be listed below. If the links aren’t visible, the cards are out of stock.